Students always have a tough time in choosing their career options. They require several proper guidance and direction to face challenges such as meeting the desired skill set, the elements of risk, making sizable impacts on growing their career.

Smart Simulation is the platform where students acquire the driving force to kick-start a career. Various field experts turn up for the Smart Simulation to help students create a pathway to their goals. It is a 120 minutes (variable) participatory session in which the students are exposed to identifying abundance in career through focus on every aspect that works best for the students so that, they save time and efforts on unrealistic career goals. It also offers a chance to self-reflect and look at aspirations. It allows you to become more aware of opportunities that are out there.

Good career guidance will work towards an action plan which will help the students to hit their goals. SMART Simulation is a platform to inspire and encourage thousands of young engineering minds across the country. These sessions also imbibe the qualities and responsibilities which a civil engineering student need to have. This session is hosted by the college and participation is exclusive for the undergraduate student from that engineering college.