In 2014, a small group of enthusiasts started meeting every month in Hyderabad. Conversations were passionate, and there was a shared feeling that they could lead to something more. From this collective energy, one core idea emerged: An idea to better understand the change underway and accelerate the transition to a more meaningful society by empowering the pioneers of the Civil Engineering from across the Nation through this project.

Our Mentor in a session

On August 2nd, 2015, we decided to give this project a name, and that was the official birth of Smart Infr-Est. And following the success of our very first event in Hyderabad in October 2015 this milestone event officialized the global scope of the project, as well as the foundation of Smart Infr-EST as an Engineering Services Trust mentored by Er. P Surya Prakash (MD, Satyavani Projects and Consultants) and directed by enthusiasts who had been leading the development of Smart Infr-EST over the past months.

When the first Smart Infr-Est was held in October 2015, we had a feeling that we were onto something big but we were not sure what to expect. After the first fest, Smart Infr-EST quickly spread beyond the borders of Telangana, to Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and all over South India, thanks to an amazing team of Coordinators. Now the Engineering colleges all over India are being expected to join hands.

Following the success of the first edition of Smart Infr-Est, and with the growing attention given to the Smart Cities, the team decided to come up with new initiatives to address the needs of the budding Civil Engineering Students. Initiatives such as Smart LEAP, Smart Simulation, Smart In-cube, Smart Warriors and SHARP have been formed to develop and incorporate different skills, to provide internships and funds to startups, to give guidance in career and also to bring about a change in the Civil Engineering community.

Smart Infr-EST is a global think-and-do tank whose mission is to build and nurture the young minds by connecting people, organizations and ideas around fairness, openness and trust. Our main activities are community building, knowledge creation and project incubation. At Smart Infr-Est, some of the best minds in Civil Engineering are at work to help improve the excellence and professionalism in Civil Engineering Students.

Our strong-minded members are developing new techniques to foster friendship and motivate students for innovative ideas. And our National and State coordinators are bringing our initiatives, services and expertise closer to the students. A Trust formed for connecting ideas and creating fellowship, Smart Infr-Est is committed to partnering India in its growth and development. With a significant footprint in the country, we believe it is our team and our integrity that is truly taking us forward.

Our agenda is to promote smart and sustainable cities among the civil engineering students and create an ecosystem for students to showcase innovative ideas, imbibe feeling of fellowship among civil engineers, nurture leadership qualities among students and be the next big thing through various initiatives, events, workshops, speaker series, internships, career guidance sessions and smart exhibitions.

Smart Infr-Est will create a wave of growth, excellence and professionalism in Civil engineering fraternity across the globe.